Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Electronic Medical Records

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Since their discovery, electronic medical records have been increasingly used by primary care physicians as a way to effectively manage the huge number of patient information. Many physicians and hospital staffs have stated that the EMR systems have had a huge impact on their management of patients' records and their communication with other staffs and patients. Consequently, these systems have enhanced the quality of patient care and lessened clinical errors though their financial implications remain uncertain.
Electronic Medical Records and Communication in the Healthcare: As communication tools, electronic medical records assist and hold back physician inter-personal communication with patients and other clinicians. Actually, electronic medical records have an influence of a physician's face-to-face, real-time, or phone conversations with patients and staffs (O'Malley, Cohen & Grossman, 2010). Electronic Medical Records help a physician's real-time communication with patients during visits to the hospital through instant access to patient information. The easy access to information during hospital visits enable the physician to talk with patients instead of spending more time searching for the information in paper records. In contrast, some clinicians have stated that certain aspects…
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