Advantages and Reasons Why the American Colonists Won over the British in the American Revolution

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Advantages and reasons why the American colonists won over the British in The American Revolution During the American Revolution, The British and the American colonists had many difficulties and challenges to overcome. Both sides had great disadvantages and advantages, but the in the end the colonists had the most advantages and won their independence from the British. Some of the most important reasons the colonists won was that they were fighting on their own continent and knew the land better than the British, they received help from other European countries such as France and they had a well-experienced General; George Washington. To travel to America and battle against the colonists, the British soldiers had to go across the…show more content…
For the British, the war had become much more complicated. After this battle, in 1778, Vergennes and Louis IVX signed a treaty of friendship and alliance with all the American colonies and once again the French and the British were at war. Later, in 1779, Vergennes accomplished to convince the Spanish to go into the war and the Spanish then joined the battle against the British. But in contrast to France, Spain refused to be on familiar terms with the independence of the United States. Spain did not want to encourage similar anti-colonial revolts in the Spanish Empire. The Netherlands was also an opposing party in 1780. All three countries had quietly provided financial support to the American colonists since the beginning of the war in hopes of curbing the British emerging superpower status. The French's entry into the war meant that the power of the British Navy was challenged. The French-American alliance began poorly with the admittedly unsuccessful operations in Rhode Island in 1778 and Savannah in Georgia in 1779. One reason for the problems was that the priorities of the French and the Americans were not identical. France hoped to conquer the British areas in the Caribbean before they would help the Americans to secure independence. While the French financial assistance to the American war was already critically important, would not French military aid to show positive results before an

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