Advantages for Consumers on E-Tourism

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The advantages (opportunities) for consumers of e-tourism are undeniable. But the main point is that more and more people are going online in attempt to save time through intermediaries, so many tourists have ceased to apply to firms and prefer to organize their own travel, as it is much easier. Among the advantages of such resources - saving time (no need to go anywhere, and the procedure takes 5-20 minutes) and money (you can choose a hotel, an apartment or a hostel for every budget plus sites offer discounts of up to 50%), autonomy in decision-making and the ability to free cancellation. According to Kamuzora (2006) “electronic tourism as a discipline combines three disparate disciplines, namely, business management, information systems and management, and tourism”. Most companies make their sites more attractive by better, more professional and user-friendly interface and by providing new services for wider audience. The direct sells help companies to find new investors that will help to improve their business. Branding is the key. Branding aims in tourism is to create competitive advantages over other areas of the region, as well as to improve its image, increase popularity and fame in the eyes of tourists. In this regard, considerable importance is not only a tourist attraction of potential consumers of the product, but also recommendations for expanding the circle of people interested in visiting the tourist areas, which, in their turn, will increase the tourist flow.
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