Advantages of Document Management Tools

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Taxonomy Advantages of document management tools The first advantage of document management tools is that they help to keep archives of documents and they can help to track revisions to see what the document used to be. The tools also help to store and organize documents in a way which allows their easy retrieval. Third is that they allow documents to be stored in a central place. They also reduce the risk of loss of documents due to hazards such as fire, water, etc. Disadvantages of document management tools Document management tools also have disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that some document management tools are quite expensive and may not give a good return on investment. Secondly, the technology requires extra employees to scan the documents in order to save them in the document management system. Even in the situation where extra staff are not employed, there is additional work for the current employees (Estlund, 2005). Third is that if the documents are scanned in poor quality, they may end up being illegible and thus the staff may miss out on some important details. Advantages of project management tools Project management tools facilitate creating and maintaining project artifacts such as the project schedule and also help in doing complex analyses, for example, earned value management. They also help to link subprojects or activities within the project. The project management tools also help to guide and evaluate the various outputs of the project
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