Advantages of Heat Engines

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Engines are widely using in day to day living by billions of people. An engine is designed to convert energy into mechanical motion. There are different types of engines, but I’ll be concentrating on heat engines, which burn fuels to create heat, which is then turned into motion. Heat engines include internal combustion engines (in cars, planes, bikes etc.) and external combustion engines (in steam engines). Internal combustion engines burn fuel within the cylinder or vessel, whereas in an external combustion engine the fuel is burnt outside the engine to create steam, which creates motion inside the engine. Internal combustion engines are more common because they are smaller and need less fuel to operate. Since the 17th century very…show more content…
If we carry on to use engines in the way we do today we are at risk of running out of oil which can cause huge side effects to the way we live as most things rely on oil such as plastics. Oil is extremely vital for us to survive, but we are using too much on engines. An alternative mechanism for engines would be batteries. Recently batteries have replaced engines in cars because they are said to be more environmentally friendly. Millions of lives have been saved with a small thanks to engines and the way of life has been improved vastly. I personally think engines are great machines and without them the chances of people like me being able to travel across the world would be impossible. But i think some things have to be changed, people use engines too much and it 's causing too much pollution in our world. If the problem can be solved in a way that engines burn less fuel then that would be ideal, but it could take a few more years until such discoveries. People today use engines in day to day life and so we are all greatly thankful for this mechanism and we should be more grateful and we have to learn appreciate engines more because without them our world would look very different. Bibliography "How Car Engines Work." HowStuffWorks. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. "Air, Breathing and the Environment." Car Exhaust, Air Pollution and the Environment: Health Effects of Exhaust Chemicals.
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