Advantages of Learning Foreign Languages

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One day, a cat was chasing two mice. One of the mice suddenly stopped and yelled “bowwow”. The cat ran away because the cat is afraid of dogs. Then the mouse said proudly to the other mouse, “Do you realize how important it is to learn a foreign language?” This is a joke but also a slice-of-life story. Learning a foreign language is a popular choice for many people. Even though some people believe that learning a foreign language should not be required because they do not go abroad, and it is not commonly used in daily lives, more people agree that they can get benefits from learning a foreign language. Foreign languages are useful for people who either go to another country or stay in their own country. Therefore, in order to think of the future for students, Georgia high school graduates should be required to learn a foreign language. First of all, studying a foreign language can increase students’ interest in learning. Learning a new language is different from learning other subjects. For example, Mathematics is the subject that would give some fixed formula to solve specific problems, and students are not supposed to make mistakes. Conversely, learning foreign languages is more flexible because people can express the same meaning by using different kinds of syntactical structures. Learning foreign languages can stimulate the study interest mainly because of its various learning methods. Communicating with foreign people is a interesting experience. The best way for
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