Advantages of Living in a Big City

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Advantages of living in a big city
Big city is an exciting place to be in, it’s full live and movement 24 hours a day. Live is very easy. All facilities are available schools, hospitals and malls. In addition, there are the wide streets and tall buildings. Therefore, most people prefer living in a big city to benefit these advantages. However, I will discuss three main advantages of living in a big city.
Big city contains different institutions, banks, hotels and airports. So people living in a big city have more opportunities of employment. Also, the international company take place in big city provides employment and good salary. So people living in a big city can find work easily and get high salary. In addition, in a big city there
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Hence, many graduate students choose big cities to live and work. In short, it is where you can take advantages f yourself.
In summary, living in a big city has many advantages. However, you have to try your best to overcome all difficulties such as hard competition in workplace or polluted environment. you shuold not complain when face up to disadvantages of it.
A city means a large and important town. Some people say that city is the best place to live. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to live in the city. They are willing to leave their homes and migrate to the city because there are plenty of job opportunities and entertainment in the city. One has an easy access to all the amenities of life. Additionally, city centers are the places where all the business, educational, official and trade activity centers are located. The commuting time is nothing as compared to those living in the suburbs.
There are many advantages living in a city. Living in a city is very convenient.
To begin with, living in a big city is much more convenient than living in a small town. People living in small towns often have difficulties getting from place to place because of a lack of transportation. If travelers miss a scheduled bus or train, they may have to wait for a long time before they can catch the next one. However, in big cities a variety of transportation choices, including buses, subways and taxis, are available. A great variety

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