Advantages of Multicultural Labor Force

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Multicultural Advantages There are a number of palpable advantages to having a multicultural labor force that is the product of a multicultural society. One of the foremost of these boons would be the degree of tolerance that would be inherently placed within such a society, particularly when it is reinforced by practical, daily examples of people of varying ethnicities and religious backgrounds working (effectively, in an ideal situation) together. Such examples may very well play a part in the reduction of bigotry and in conventional prejudice that is typically associated with differences in race and culture. This propensity to promote equality among differing people based upon a work experience that mirrors a multicultural society, such as that which may be found in several places of the United States and includes groups of African Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Native Americans, Puerto Ricans and Mexican Americans, may be based on a number of factors that includes rank and position within work environments, and a similar equality among different ethnicities found there. In some instances, multicultural education may be necessary for tolerance (Fuhr 1996, 11). Of course, in seeking to help overcome issues of tolerance that have traditionally plagued societies in which myriad types of racial makeups may be found, at some point certain stereotypes must be acknowledged in order to eventually be overcome, which certain businesses, such as Digital
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