Advantages of Personal Selling for Custoomer's Satisfaction Essay

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Marketing enables both, individuals and organizations to sell products and services to other people to help them satisfy their needs and wants. At some point in the selling process, personal selling usually becomes involved. It is the personal selling process that allows marketers the greatest freedom to adjust a message to satisfy customers' information needs. Personal selling allows the marketer to communicate directly with the prospect or customer and listen to his or her concerns, answer specific questions, provide additional information, inform, persuade, and possibly even recommend other products or services. Personal selling is the most expensive form of advertising and to be an effective one. The first step is …show more content…
A sales rep should always endeavor to generate new leads. A lead is a name on a list (Anderson,Dubinsky,Mehta pg.124). It only becomes a prospect if it is determined that the person or company can benefit from the service or product offered. This step centers on locating or searching out prospective buyers who have the need for the product and the ability to buy it. Potential customers may be spotted through observation, inquiry and analysis of records of existing customers. Prospecting is enhanced today using websites with specially-coded pages optimized with key words so that prospects may easily find you when they search the web for certain key words related to your offering. Once prospecting is started, it then is up to the sales professional to determine those prospects that could be potential customers and screen out those who would not. The per-approach is the second step in the personal selling process(Anderson, Dubinsky, Mehta pg.136). At this time, the sales representative prepares for the first contact with the potential customer. In this stage, the sales representative looks at any information that he or she may have about the customer. He or she may practice their sales presentation and do anything necessary to prepare for it. Systematic collection of information requires a decision about applicability, usefulness and how to organize the information for easy access and effective use. Social contacts, business associations and dealers can

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