Advantages of Pheromone Application in Controlling Pests Essay

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1. Introduction
Pest management has become more and more vital issue in the development of agriculture. Traditional pest control tends to apply pesticides to uncovered areas far from where it's needed and make use of it far more than necessary. Nowadays, scientists find a chemical substance from insects and make it applied in pest control, this kind of chemical substance is called pheromones. What are pheromones? Pheromones are the chemical substances that emitted by an organism that influences the behaviour of the same species.
The purpose of this paper is to explain the reasons and methods of using pheromones to control pests to improve the productivity and reduce pesticides usage
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Therefore, growers could convey the consequents of research to practical usage.
2.2 Beneficial to Environmental Protection
Except for the reasons mentioned above, preserving the environment through reduction use in pesticides is the other cause. Over using pesticides occur the environmental contamination, pheromones can play an important role in declining chemical use and benefit both crops and human being. The article “Pheromones” from the National Archives says that “[T]he major impact of pheromones used for either control or monitoring is a reduction in pesticide use. The substitution of pheromones for large quantities of insecticides is undoubtedly advantageous.” (para.21).
3. Applications in Controlling Pests
3.1 Population Monitoring
Pheromone monitoring today is the most important step in progressive pest management strategy. Steven J. Seybold & Susan Donaldson, Pheromones in Insect Pest Management, stated that the most vital application is in population monitoring of insects in order to set up the foundation of integrated pest management.
3.2 Pheromone Traps
Pheromone traps is also an effective method in pest management. According to a statement of the article “pheromones – the trappings of sustainable pest control?” (, scientists found that using the sleeve traps with pheromones was the most efficient and
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