Advantages of Using the Goal Control 4D

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It all started back in 1966’s World Cup in England, Germany and England where battling in the final of the cup and they tied 2-2, the decision was to play extra time. At that time Geoff Hurst would hit the crossbar only for the ball to bounce in the outside of the goal. The referee awarded this goal because he couldn’t know if the ball had gone in or not. Forty-four years later we would expect that the same mistake where not made in the biggest sporting event in the world, but the same mistake was made. It happened in the round of sixteen when Germany played England; when Germany was winning 2-1, Frank Lampard hit the crossbar and the ball bounced inside the goal, and this time the referee didn’t allow the goal. Germany ended up winning that game 4-1 but the story could’ve changed if the goal was allowed. After this occurrence in the game the governing body of soccer decided to do something about this subject, and gave the goal a goal line referee that was there in order to decide a play that the central referee could not see. Again people are not perfect and many goals have been allowed even with the goal line referee’s. This is where the new trend: Goal Line Technology comes in. Goal line technology is technical means of instantly determining whether or not the whole of the ball has crossed the goal line, not more and not…
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