Advantgths And Disadvantages Of Teamwork Effectiveness

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Advantages of Teamwork Effectiveness in Organization Effectiveness According to Lisa McQuerrey, there are several advantages of teamwork effectiveness like Group Dynamic, Mutual Support, Collective Efforts, Utilizing Strengths, Developing Effective Teams. According to Aaron Marquis, it mentioned that’s how important of teamwork effectiveness in organization like Problem Solving, Communication, Cohesion and Learning. Advantages The collective goals is more likely important than individuals goals, the person who work individuals only aim to achieved their personal goals without concerning the work progress of others colleagues. Therefore, the collective goals are more teamwork effectiveness because a group of people who work interdependent to …show more content…

Problem solving refer to how company solve a problem eithers depend on certain person or team. If the company depend on a persons who have strong knowledge, experience and competence to solve a problem, when the person leave the organization will lead to difficult in future. If organization is team will solve a problem using method like brainstorming to generate multiple minds to choose the best of the best solution. Communication refer to how effectiveness communication within a company. When lack of communication will lead the project completion time increases and delayed the progress while the organization team will more effectiveness become they share the information, knowledge and data between the employees on the tasks, it also make sure employees work toward same direction with company. Cohesion refers to how willingness of employees to accept each other’s decision to result in created trust, teamwork and increase the company work-flow’s speed. Learning refers how company’s employees to learn and absorb new things, improves the knowledge and experiences. Every employee should learn from each other’s strength and competence across the different departments as well as to understand more the limitation and possibilities of each

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