Adventure Based Learning For Teaching

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Adventure-Based Learning –Active Teaching Method Used In Teaching Subjects in Tourism In the article Adventure-Based Learning-Active Teaching Method Used In Teaching Subjects in Tourism, the authors briefly defined adventure learning and the integrated teaching approach. Stefan, Orboi, Banes, and Martin (2015) mentioned that adventure learning called for an active and interactive or collective cooperation of students in teaching; it also encouraged teamwork and competition amid students; (p. 143). Additionally, they revealed that integrated teaching encompassed a definitive technique of formulating and planning which generated connections between what students learned and life happenings (Stefan, Orboi, Banes, and Martin, 2015, p.143). According to the authors, “teachers offered students the chance to express themselves freely and creatively, creating a stimulating environment and diversified their personality development” when operating in integrated teaching (Stefan, Orboi, Banes, and Martin, 2015, p.143). The concentration of the integrated method was to cultivate preparatory skills, transferable transverse principles beneficial for communal, and the individual advancement of students. These methods were conducted with the intention of examining not only individuals but also combined collection of groups on paramount local and global public issues to learn and develop: personal, social, cognitive, and cultural abilities (Stefan, Orboi, Banes and Martin, 2015, p. 143).
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