Adventure Education : Wilderness Sports

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Now that I have touched base on Wilderness Sports it is important to grasp the true meaning of adventure education. Adventure education, although is closely related to Wilderness sports, is different. “Adventure Education uses human-powered outdoor pursuits to help people learn about interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships” (Plymouth State University, 2017). So as a teacher of Adventure education you will be focusing on 3 main areas when directing a class of students. One, you must teach students to learn the professional and technical skills to compete competently and safely in these specific environments. Two, I will teach how to instruct others to convey the information important and necessary in these adventure activities.…show more content…
This is compromised of 5 steps including, “Develop outdoor sports skills; enjoy the satisfaction of competence, Live within the limits or personal ability in relation to the environment and physical activities, Derive pleasure in accepting the challenge and risk of stressful physical activity, Develop awareness of mutual dependency of self and the natural world, Share experiences and learning in cooperation with others” (Kelly, Melograno, 2014). In the first step, it is very important to make sure students grasp the understanding of the Wilderness sport activity nature, and the level of physical and emotional endurance it will take. Also, each student reaches making sure that an ideal level of competence. In the second step, it is important to make sure each student understands their personal ability and skill level to perform the activities. In the third step, each student should have an understanding that these activities are not normal nature to what they have been learning in regards to sport education. These activities are much more stressful and strenuous and require a greater deal of focus and engagement. It is important students are gaining pleasure in accepting this type of risk and stress. In the fourth step, students should be taught what it means to be dependent on themselves and nature that surrounds them during these activities. They should become one with nature in order to ream the full benefits.
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