Adventure Of A Common Werewolf Escaping An Alien Invasion

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Concept: Based on werewolves: A story of a werewolf trying to survive in the human world.

Springboard: Adventure of a common werewolf escaping an alien invasion.

Setting: Developing urban city and the deep woods.

Context: The future; 2030

Premise: The young adult werewolf, Zunkai, has been captured and left for dead in the newly constructed urban city, created by aliens - Humans. He must navigate through the unfamiliar city to find his homeland, and avoid Human contact at all costs.

Game-Premise: After being captured and left for dead, you are the startled werewolf, who must embark on a journey back to your homeland! You will travel through the newly developed streets created by an alien species, dodge bullets and run from the savage
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He is forced to find shelter within the shadows of alleyways until he finds suitable articles of clothing. Knowing that he has finally been set free, he uses his sense of smell to lead him towards the direction of his homeland. Having to dodge traffic and hide from Humans walking the streets, Zunkai realizes he hasn’t eaten in days and is forced to fight for food (humans). He must swiftly kill a human and dispose of the body before someone notices him or the stench of decaying flesh, under a certain amount of time, after their death. In order to progress further he has to pose as a human and walk through the streets toward home. Zunkai encounters a group of police officers who notice that he is not of their kind and he must kill them before they take him into custody. After defeating the officers, he runs toward an opening in the street, heading towards the forest where he must fight off the outside guards of the city. They are no match for Zunkai, however, and are killed. From this point, Zunkai hides and runs from ninjas in the trees, surrounding the outer layer of the city. Once escaping their fatal shots, he is finally at the last boss – The President. The President of Humans is no match for Zunkai’s stamina and strength and is taken down, allowing the werewolf to run free and back to his homeland. Zunkai is then reunited with his family and they seek a new location to reside.
Red Herring: Zunkai runs into a female human who appears to have no fear
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