Adventure in Pakistan

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It was 28th November 2011 when my parents, younger brother and I left for Pakistan for a short holiday. My younger sister couldn’t come because of her exams but I was sure that there were other reasons. At the time everything seemed fishy to me. I questioned why my dad suddenly decided to go when he had so much on. Recently he had lost his job and was struggling with money.

My parents were really struggling and constantly stressed with emotional and financial issues. It pained me to see them go through so much pain and suffering. I had dreams and aspirations to do well in my academic studies and career so that I could support them in taking care of our family. Little did I know what my parents had in store for me.

I’ve always loved to learn new things, seek new adventures and I could not wait to explore the prehistoric Indus Valley of civilization and eat the exotic food in Pakistan. We all boarded the plane and an exciting but tense feeling shivered down my spine. It was like a dream I never thought would come to pass. I wanted a change. Life is incomplete without new adventures and experiences.

“Safar ki dua parlo beti” said Amme. “In the name of Allah, and Praise be to Allah. Glory unto Him Who created this transportation, for us, though we were unable to create it on our own. And unto our Lord we shall return”. We recited this travel prayer, a regulation in our deen to protect us from any harm.

The plane started to take off and my dad instructed me to put my seat

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