Adventure is Our there in the Short Story The Green Door by O. Henr

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Adventure is Out There In the short story, “The Green Door” by O. Henry, Rudolph Steiner is the main character. He has a job as a piano salesperson and has an interesting identity. He may look like an ordinary person, but on the inside, the author describes him as “a true adventurer; few were the evenings on which he didn’t go forth from his hall bedchamber in search of the unexpected”. (O.Henry) After dark, he investigates New York City, to find romance and adventure He always tries to find an adventure in every thing possible. His adventurous spirit took him “into strange paths” most days, but he fails to remember them. During this adventure, he receives a small card, from a man on the street and is referred to the “Negro”. The three words are “The Green Door” and he believes its an exciting mysterious journey. Other people also receive cards from the man, but throw theirs away. Rudolf compares the other pieces of paper with his, but nobody else seems to have received this mysterious invitation to The Green Door. The other pieces of paper all advertise the location of a doctor's office. Certain that he is destined for a special adventure, Rudolf enters a nearby building in search of a green door. The building is not very well lit, but on the second floor he finds a green door. He knocks on the door and a young girl answers. She is attractive, but very poor and hungry. She faints from hunger into Rudolf's arms. He carries her to her bed. Seeing her hunger and

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