Adventures Assignment 1

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The American University in Cairo
School of Business Department of Management

MOIS 508
DR. Sami Akabawy
Spring 2012
Assignment #1
(Chap. 1,2 &3)

Hadil Kamel

Chapter 1: * Why would Carl Williams ask a non-technical manager to assume the CIO position? * For a CIO to be successful, especially at times when IT presents a problem area, he or she has to have more than just solid IT background. The CIO needs to have good management skills; they need to be a fixer. Jim Barton has the required management skills, he is considered as a great manager at IVK; he also had a lot of ideas regarding how IT should be run, and he used to critic Davies, the former CIO, on how to do his job. Therefore, he was a good
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You have to know what is it that you lack and either try to learn about it or search for ways that your team could cover for the capabilities that you lack. The kid mainly meant that you can’t over-estimate yourself and like some managers do assume that you know everything about the matter, but rather admit your lack of knowledge in some areas and work on it.

* How do you think Davies got fired? How likely it is that Barton will be fired within the year? * I think Davies didn’t have a strong connection with the CEO and his business peers, which lead to a communication problem between the management team and the IT department. I think he may also lack the business skills and competencies. * I think as a successful manager, Barton will be able to handle his job well. With his good managerial capabilities he will be able to develop good collaboration between the technologists and the management team; as well as enhancing and maintaining relationships with other business leaders.

* What kind of questions should Barton be asking of CIOs, analysts, investors, customers and other IT movers and shakers? How should he prioritize and organize these meetings? * For the CIOs: His questions should be focusing on the nature of the job, the

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