Adventures Of A Once Homeless Girl

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Adventures of a Once Homeless Girl

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by SamPac07/07/07 ( I have noticed this very odd coincidence that every night we slept on the street was the anniversary of terrorist bombings and catastrophes, as I look back on it, I am not really sure what to think, was it just a coincidence? or is there more than meets the eye…I hope to find the answer)

The night I slept outside in September was definitely the worst and horrific and I could never forget this one either.

This experience was slightly different because it was in London.

Yet again we had run out of money to pay for another night stay at a hotel. We had run out of money the night before when we only had £60 left enough to pay for one night sharing a single room. The hotels are usually not allowed to do this but the lady at the reception desk allowed us to stay because we explained to her that we had no money left.

We did not have any dinner that night and had no clue of what to do the next day.

The next morning we had to check out. And still we had no money, we had no idea what to do. The suitcases were still with us and they were so difficult to travel around London with. So I decided to put all our luggage inside the hotel’s storage room and leave it there until we knew what to do.

The hotels that we had been staying at in London were within close proximity of Hyde Park, so we would spend hours everyday just sitting there.

Hour after hour we sat in the park that day as
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