Adverse Development for Children in Pageants

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I remember being home one day, surfing through the television channels. I stumbled on TLC, and saw a show named Toddlers in Tiaras. The show is about child beauty pageants and all the work children have to do, and also all the money parents put into it. It portrays how crazy some moms could be, and how spoiled some children are. Beauty pageants can boost confidence and self-esteem, but it is degrading to women all over the world. Only one part deals with intelligence, but that doesn’t prove anything. Someone could easily come up with an answer out of thin air, say it out loud and everyone would think she is brilliant because of how much words they say. Child beauty pageants deprive children of their childhood. Parents become obsessed with winning and they take away the joy that their children could possibly have while in or preparing for a pageant. The controversial question on beauty pageants is: Does competing in beauty pageants adversely affect child development? My answer is yes it does, and in the following I will explain why. Some pageant parents don't adequately prepare their kids for pageants, so the girls don't really know what to expect. If they don't win, they might take it personally and get hurt feelings. Children might end up feeling unattractive or inadequate in some other way. Child pageants are also time consuming. To be competitive in the larger pageants, contestants have to spend hours practicing their smile, their walk, and their turns. The day of the
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