Essay On Why I Became A Translator

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I was born in the land of opportunity, the United States of America, but my roots are planted in the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean nation that fed my parents. I was raised by immigrant, Spanish speaking, single mother raised me in a foreign land that did not yet feel like home. The years flew by and my mother and I grew together; we learned from each other and shared each other's load. I became accustomed to the day to day battles she encountered to feed and clothe me; there was no doubt in my mind that I would never wish this life upon anyone. The roots she managed to plant through all her sweat and tears have become my garden. A place where we have both been able to flourish into beautiful beings. At the age of six I learned how to speak English and served as my mother’s translator, a role I still carry to this day. At such a young age, I was stripped of a childhood and exposed to the struggles of the working class.

Every flower planted is meant to bloom. Like a flower, we are placed on this earth with a purpose. Fortunately, I have found mine in helping others. Unexpected challenges have risen and contributed to my growth and understanding of individuals who faced battles in the face of adversity. …show more content…

Many of the children whom I befriended also had mothers like mine, who wished nothing but the best for us. As my mother’s first child, she was not sure what it was that I needed in order to succeed. The LBGC taught me what my mother did not have the time to do. I was enlightened and provided with a voice, an opportunity to say what I had to say freely. I learned about the importance of education, which would serve as my liberation. I began to appreciate each and every aspect of my life. It takes a village to raise a child; the club happens to be my

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