Adversity In Lord Of The Flies

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Over the course of time we as people have experienced adversity and the effects that come from it. Adversity can have positive and negative impacts, many times when people struggle with adversity, it leads to chaos. We have seen this in the present, past and fiction. Adversity is shown in the present in form of a natural disaster, for example, the earthquake in Iran, adversity is seen in the past, explorers faced it, we also see adversity in the book Lord of The Flies by, William Golding. All of these examples show how adversity can have a negative impact that can turn peaceful societies into chaos.

The New York Times has an article titled Iran-Iraq Earthquake Kills More than 500, the article is about a sizeable earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 that struck Iraq close to the border of Iran on Sunday, November 17, 2017, It was so big it impacted places far away like Turkey and Pakistan. This earthquake introduced a struggle for Iran, it ruined a large portion of homes, companies, and families. It created disorder because of the danger and destruction it caused. When the citizens in Iran became notified of the earthquake, panic broke out causing chaos. After it was over with, even more, chaos broke out, the whole city was in ruins. It was hard for the Iranians to receive help because of how places were hard to get to after everything was destroyed. “‘There has been no help yet, neither food nor water, no clothing, no tents, there is nothing,’ said the resident, a man who
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