Adversity In The Glass Castle, Art Spiegelman, And Mother To Son

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Throughout the literary works of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Maus by Art Spiegelman, and “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes, different characters deal with adversity differently. In The Glass Castle the characters must overcome family hardships. Likewise, Spiegelman writes about his father’s struggle during the Holocaust. Lastly, in “Mother to Son” the speaker informs her son about her own hardships she had to face. Challenges that characters face can impact them both negatively and positively. Characters from all three literary works deal with adversity by having courage, being resilient, and making poor choices. The quality of courage helps the characters overcome personal hardship. For example, Jeanette in The Glass Castle works…show more content…
In The Glass Castle, Rex Walls, Jeanette’s father, turns to drinking. He drinks because of conflicts in his marriage to Rose Mary. They fight about many things, especially the inability to provide for their family. Rex also drinks to run away from the internal problem he faces, such as not having a job and the fact that he cannot support his family. In addition, he drinks to escape his guilt due to his daughter’s death. Rex stared drinking after the death of his daughter Mary Charlene. Walls states, “Dad was never the same after Mary Charlene dies. He started having dark moods, staying out late and coming back drunk, and losing jobs.” (Walls 28). Rex held himself responsible for Mary Charlene’s death and used drinking to escape his adversity. In addition, in Maus, Anja—a survivor of the Holocaust, could not handle the memories of the adversity she faced. Spiegelman writes, “Your mother killed her self—she’s dead.” (103). Anja turned to the worst and killed herself to end her suffering. Both Rex and Anja face adversity in a series of poor choices that negatively impact themselves and
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