Adversity Is The Best Way

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In this argument essay I will explain on when accepting is the best way to deal with adversity and when fighting back is the best way. Also knowing to which kind of situation should be accepted, and which adversity are best met with resistance. What is Adversity? Adversity is difficulties, misfortune, also is suffering pain, sorrows, hardship and distress. However, Adversity is unavoided part of human life. One example would be a death of a loved one (My brother lost his wife due to an accidental drug over does when she was only trying to make herself feel better before Christmas Eve.) Another example of Adversity, forgiving, but not necessarily forgetting; after a major setback to be angry at the significant other dumps you, or a driver who hit you. Although when accepting the best wat to deal with adversity forgiveness ensures that our lives are not of revenge that lessen our own happiness. Fighting back is to struggle to repress, to counterattack or to resist an attack. For example, Taking control it gave me a sense of stability and I can do this the next minute and the next, doors will keep opening for me; it gave me the ability to say I can make the tough decisions. I can free this other stuff. The definition of the resistance is refusal to accept or comply with…show more content…
Acceptance is the action of consenting to receive and resistance is refusal to accept. Resistance in adversity or dealing with adversity is known, for example, the article Inspiring Examples of Resistance: Dealing with Adversity and Heartbreak. Eleanor Roosevelt quoted Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." This quoted I believe may seem to be talking down to people who talk about events and people as is includes in the article her thought that allowed her to make a dramatic recovery from the deep depression she had gone through in her
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