Adversity : The Influence Of Adversity And Horace Beliefs

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Human beings emotionally thrive on the will to survive, yet how they react to adversity will determine their length of drive they have within. Everybody will eventually face a situation where their mentality will be tested, no matter how happy their life had been. Even in fictional stories, authors must write out their characters facing a major conflict or else there would be no character build, a necessary component of a fantastic novel. Roman poet Horace quoted how the best traits of a person will lay dormant unless they are faced in a miserable situation. However, the results after facing an adversity are debatable. Adversity comes in multiple sized tests that shows how you react by what you experience personally and the results can be either negative or positive on the person’s behalf. Although people facing adversity are expected to present their best traits by Horace beliefs, the background of each individual is what truly determines their ability to grow or falter in undesirable situations. One of the most notable influence on a person’s character would be their parents. The parents of the person are the most direct, if not consistent, people throughout their life. Take for example how often you would see your mother or father everyday through simple acts such as driving home after school or eating dinner together. Despite the fact that these actions are monotonous, their constant presence near you gives your brain a source to copy and form after from. Their way of

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