Advertisement Advertisements For Women 's Advertising

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KEEP IT REAL—JUST FOR ONCE Nowadays, companies spend billions of dollars in search of customers for the companies’ products. As a result, the necessity of target-advertising can’t be underestimated. After all, women had no reason to purchase a $50000 necklace until Pandora proposed the tagline, ‘your jewelry isn’t just jewelry,’ in its latest advertisement in Cosmopolitan Magazine (Pandora. Cosmopolitan). In that regard, modern advertisements paint a stereotypical image of an ‘ideal’ woman as the classy being, appareled in artificial, perhaps fake, beauty. If it’s not the glossy pink or red lips, then it’ll either be the artificial eye lashes, the dyed hair, or sexy stare that hangs on the pages of magazines and postal on bill boards. While advertisements attempt to convince us that all women are supposed to look pretty, be looked at and be seductive, in reality, this is unwarranted. As careful analysis of three ads targeting at women in Advertisement Cosmopolitan 2015 indicate, advertisements’, in attempt to catch patrons’, have besmirched the ideologies about women’s prototype by stereotypically exaggerating the relevance of physical beauty in them. Moreover, such unfair portrayer is proven, on several bases, to be detrimental in the long run. One of the most common unfair messages conveyed in women-oriented ads is that the physical appearance of women is all that matters. This proposes that without applying makeups, dying
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