Advertisement : Advertising And Consumerism

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In today’s society, there is a huge overlap between advertising and consumerism, which affects what people buy and where they buy it. Advertisements are put out for the sole purpose of persuading people to buy certain products. Advertising agencies do this by shaping “product images and brand-name identities” (Campbell Et Al. 322) to conform to the image a parent company wants the viewer to see. Advertisements are a valuable weapon because they create brand identity, which in turn determines the success of a product and, therefore, it’s company. There are many different mediums for advertisements; however, this essay focuses on billboards as the primary advertising medium. Roadside billboards help bolster the notion of common American ideologies through the use of photos and text. Consumerism has become a more universally accepted term since the turn of the 20th century and the advertising boom in the early 1960s. Consumerism is “the belief that goods give meaning to individuals and their roles in society” (Cross 1). When consumerism first became prevalent, it succeeded because it gave people a “sense of freedom” (Cross, 2). Before the start of mass production there were limited products out on the market for people to choose from; however, when the industrial revolution hit and mass production started many more products were introduced into the market. Before this, companies didn’t have to worry about differentiating their products and the customer wasn’t…
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