Advertisement Analysis: A Soft Sell Advertisement

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Appealing to the audience The way that this advertisement is presented, it would be considered a soft sell. First off one idea behind a soft sell is that the brand is already established, and believe me Disney is already a well established company. There is so much happiness and positivity that is associated with Disney. It has been around for a long time and has grown exponentially world wide. Second the picture focuses mainly on the image of popular singer Taylor Swift, but she isn't just ordinary Taylor Swift. She is dressed like and has the hair of Rapunzel the princess. This is putting two well admired people together to make people want to be even more like them and it is suggesting Disneyland is the place where this dream can come…show more content…
As you see in the advertisement the phrase in the top left corner starts with a specific “w” this letter is not like the rest, it is a disney “w”. This whole advertisement is so simple and subtle that its easy to look at because you do not feel overwhelmed. But by adding the specific font to the “w” at the beginning of the statement helps the audience identify who this advertisement is for. So even if a person were to look at this advertisement quickly I believe they would still get the idea that it is some sort of advertisement for Disney, because of the specific font and the fact that it is a picture of Princess Rapunzel. Disneyland and California Adventure Park Money in, Money out The average salary for a disney worker can differ depending on the job title and how long they have been working there. Disney Characters tend to start at around $8.20 an hour, but an Entertainment Technician can start at $14.75 (Fox, 2014). There is a wide range of pay throughout the park because there are multiple different job opportunities with such a huge park to run. But is this anything compared to Bob Iger the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. “Iger’s base salary is “only” $2 million. The other $29.4 million comes from bonuses and benefits” (Hayward, 2013). The cost for just one ticket to get into one park; Disneyland or California Adventure is “$86 for guest 3 years old to 9 years old and $92 for guest 10 years old and up.” For
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