Interpreting An Advertisement Of Westin Hotels And Resorts Outside

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Advertisements are and have been a staple for businesses that are trying to sell a product or service throughout modern history. Whether the product is a physical item or a service like a lifestyle, experience or knowledge. Businesses frequently use advertisement to not only to show their product or service to the public, but also to influence how the public sees and feels about their specific product. By using advertisement, the business is trying to persuade the public to purchase their product or service, by showing what it is and how it will benefit the buyers lives. There are many different routes of advertisement including commercials for television or radio, billboards, storefronts or vehicles, and in print like newspapers, flyers, or magazines. In this paper I will be analyzing an advertisement found in the September 2016 issue of the magazine Outside. I will describe the advertisement’s visuals and text, explain the message they are trying to get across, what they are selling and talk about the possible audience this specific advertisement is targeting. The message the I believe this advertisement is trying to say, is that if one uses their service one’s vacation will not only be the best experience but will also be the best for one’s health. For you to be able to follow along I will describe in writing what I see in the advertisement. I chose to analyses an advertisement Westin Hotels & Resorts (Outside 12). The advertisement is on a single page. The top half of
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