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Year 10: Visual Communication and design Advertisement Analysis This advertisement is aimed for women aged 18 to 85 as it is would attract a wide-ranging audience. As this cheesecake is premade it would show much convenience to a busy housewife or those who want a quick and easy dessert. The target audience of this advertisement are most likely low-mid income earners as the product is sensibly priced. It is suggested that the audience would probably live in suburban and city are as it would wildly be available in that supermarkets and for those who have no time to cook and want a premade delicious meal. This would also appeal to those who do not know how to cook and want a quick pre made dessert, which can be heat in an oven/microwave.…show more content…
Hierarchy creates a path for the eye to follow ordering the information in importance. The ground of this composition is a blurred creamy yellow photograph of a cheesecake that gradually fades to white. It is neutral and calm which heightens the figure in the middle, the cheesecake, instead of producing distractions. The figure is much more detailed which ensures that the audience’s attention is not distracted. The figure is far more superior than the ground as it is used to give awareness to the type of merchandise the business sells. Contrast is used as we can see that the creamy yellow and white contrasts with the red, such as the white ground and the red letterform. The use of red creates a feel of luxury and represents the flavour of the cheesecake and is also quite visible to the audience. The strawberry jam is noticeable against the white, thick cream cheese. This causes a contrast which catches the audience’s eyes. The textures on the cheesecake also contrast with the crumbly surface of the biscuit base and the thick smooth cream cheese. This attracts visual attention and help the audience imagine the taste of the cheesecake. Contrast is cleverly used in order to direct the audience’s attention to specific parts of the composition and also to create a dramatic composition, grabbing the audience’s attention. Contrast reinforces the use of red and white contrast of the Sara Lee logo. In conclusion this advert is very

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