Advertisement Is A Perfect Example Of Postmodernism Advertising

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The ‘Dove Evolution’ advertisement is a perfect example of postmodernism advertising and complements the above discussion of hyper reality. The advertisement presents the full process in creating a billboard worthy advertisement. Firstly, the segment provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the model is, essentially ‘created’, and shows the audience how the ‘original’ image becomes the final product, unlike modernist advertisements which just presents an already final and ‘beautiful’ product. Emphasis on the use of photo-shop illustrates how technology has become a tool in modern day advertising and highlights Baudrillard’s (1994) view that the people of today live in an ‘unreal’ and fake world. Filming and disseminating this process “allows us to live without the illusions that modernity dangled before us” (Hart pg 9) The background classical music that has been slightly distorted illustrates Hart’s (2004) belief that “Postmodernism takes what it likes from high culture (classical music) and puts it to work in popular culture (advertising)” (Pg 8, Hart, 2004), further illustrating the idea that postmodernism involves removing “things out of their contexts, fragmenting them…and, well, playing with them” (pg 8, Hart, 2004). The final cut shows the billboard up, without showing the process of how that image came to be, reiterating Mills (1956) argument that the public would be unable to tell that it is a hyper-real image. This advertisement exemplifies Harvey’s (1990)
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