Advertisement Of A Mcdonald 's Advertisement

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We see advertisements and commercials all the time in our daily lives. Sometimes, though, more often than not, we over look things that might be presented to us, without even realizing it. A McDonald’s advertisement is something everyone is familiar with. Whether we are ignoring the subtleties that are hidden in the advertisements message, or we are paying attention to the tricks that are being used to draw us in, McDonalds knows how to make an effective ad.
At the beginning of the McDonald’s ad we see the front yard of a little girl’s house as her mother does yard work in the background. As the little girl sits on the sidewalk steps, we find that she has a grey cloud hovering over her head. We hear a piano jingle from the beginning of the commercial as it zooms in to show the glum look on her face when she looks up at the cloud. Trying to scoot out from underneath the cloud she realizes it doesn’t work because the cloud follows her. Even blowing at it doesn’t work. Instantly Ronald McDonald walks up and says, “hi there (McDonalds).” Her face lights up just long enough to say hi back. He looks at the cloud and kneels down to her level. He mentions her day is going bad and with a sad look she replies, “I’ll say (McDonalds).” After he tells her it could be worse, the cloud begins to rain on her. With sarcasm she then says, “Awesome (McDonalds).” This is when the piano jingle changes from instrumental to spoken words. Ronald then reaches up and grabs the cloud as the words in
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