Advertisement Of A Social Media

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When you go on the internet for any reason at all, whether it’s go log onto a social media site or to research a topic, what do you see all over? You see advertisements. Maybe they’re along the side of the page you are viewing, maybe they’re in the middle of the paragraphs, or maybe they even have something that pops up and advertises something so that you cannot ignore it. Either way, you can’t avoid seeing ads. They are everywhere. Most of the time, the advertisements we see are targeted at girls or women, as I see a lot of make up or weight loss ads that have a woman as the picture. The ads are trying to criticize women into making them feel like they need the product being shown. Well, it’s kind of the same for men, but also a little different. Ads that target men are usually more. I guess you could say, dangerous looking. Many of them have guns, and some even have what looks like to be a man forcing himself on the woman. Advertisements these days are focused at both genders; however I think the ads targeted at men are worse in the sense of danger. Advertisements that target men are trying to sell the messages that masculinity is violent, physically aggressive and sexually domineering. What comes to mind when you think of the term masculine? What about feminine? When I hear the word masculine, I think of a man with really muscular arms, picking up something heavy and drinking a beer. When I think of feminine, I think of a pretty woman, make up on her face, her hair
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