Advertisement On The Label Of The Beer Essay

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The advertisement I have chosen to analyze is a Budweiser print ad. The ad itself has no text besides the writing on the label of the beer, so the argument is found in only the picture presented. In the picture, you see only the body of the beer bottle with a woman leaning against it. She is in a skin-tight one-piece outfit that continues the label on the bottle where she is leaning. I believe this ad is extremely harmful to society in many different aspects including the way it associates drinking alcohol with sex and both sexualizes and objectifies the woman in the advertisement. The assumed audience for this advertisement is men. The ad relates the beer to what is culturally accepted as an attractive woman, in revealing clothes, in what one might consider a seductive position and the central color in this advertisement is red. In fact, the entire subject of the picture is set to the left side, leaving half the picture simply red. Red is a color that is often used to express passion and sex. It is a bright color that catches your eye. Along with the background, the woman’s lips, the outer part of the beer label, and also the part of the label that covers one of her breasts are also red. These things pop out at you and draw your attention. Therefore, the message that is being sent out is that drinking a Budweiser beer will help someone get attractive women. I believe in a way it sends the message that after drinking beer, hooking up with a woman will be easier.

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