Advertisement: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising

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Every time we switch on TV and watch so many ads. Our minds are sold by a lot of advertisers, a research say that we see hundred thousands of ads in a day, some of them are memorable and other are forgotten. The ads which we remember are made by advertisers according to our need, we just think that this ad has been made for me.
Well Advertisement is the promotion of product or service through which a company finds the way to promote its product or service to people and maximize its product. Without advertisement it is impossible to compete with others in this fast Era.
As it is the art in which we try to convince our consumer to use our product. So it always has two fact one in the favor of advertising and other is opposing factor which are against the
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It can be selected as problems in life whether they are psychological or real. E-g one has to decide that what he must wear in some special event that may be the birthday of her fiancé and ad is made that one is offering a chocolate gift to a girl and he is wearing a formal dress of any company for whom ad is to be made. So he can select the kind of dress he wanted to wear and he may also get the idea that what gifts I can offer to my fiancé. Some ads are not helpful for the sale of product but they are so much entertaining that can make people smile laugh or making the moment memorable, which can make the image of brand in their mind and in future they want to buy their products. Although they are not buying the product which has been advertised but good will of brand is made in consumer’s mind. For the New established businesses it is more important for business to make its image in society, so for new companies it is very necessary to advertise their business, products
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