Advertisement from Debuting Directors at the Young Director's Award

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The Young Director’s Award is an award that supports and promotes debuting international talent in film production. These advertisements are from the debuting directors, who are nominated for the award. These advertisements primarily focus on the talent and creativity of young directors by portraying young girls that would make up stories and create drama
This “Born To Create Drama” advertisement for Young Director starts off with a girl on the swing. Her father is swinging her, and he gets a phone call.
He moves a little behind the girl to receive the phone call, and is portrayed a little busy with the call afterwards in this advertisement. The girl then notices a wedding ceremony taking place in the garden in front of her. The bride, and the groom are singing and dancing along with their friends and family. They are here portrayed as any usual newly weds.
They all look very happy and there is a festive mood around the wedding.
Then everyone starts gathering in the middle of the garden to get a group photograph taken. Everyone is looking up to the camera, and smiling. The bride and groom are standing next to each other holding each other. As everyone’s ready for the photograph, and are looking up to the camera, the girl comes running towards the groom, and starts calling him daddy. Everyone gets awestruck especially the bride.
The young girl then looks towards the camera giving an evil smile as she has just surprised everyone around her. This suggests she was able

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