Advertisements Are A Popular Display Of Marketing

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Have you ever really looked at ads, though? I mean, if you look closely and I mean really look closely, advertisements aren’t what they appear to be, in most cases. Advertisements are a popular display of marketing and have been for decades and will be for decades to come. For as long as I can remember, advertisements have been a popular way of getting a message across. Whether they are simple or colorful, they catch the eye of someone that’s reading a magazine, or a newspaper. No matter how much you think it’s just a picture, there is a deeper meaning inside of what you’re looking at. Of course, you’ve never noticed it before because you were never looking for deeper meanings inside advertisements. You may have passed by some subliminal…show more content…
At the top of the advertisement, you have the words, “You’ll never forget your first time” in big gray letters. From the top, your eyes then go down to the middle of the advertisement and then start to see this seductive hamburger sitting on the page. You think I’m joking, but this hamburger looks seductive. The picture of the hamburger instills every aspect of a hamburger you could possibly want to see. You see: the meat, the tomatoes, the pickles, and the cheese slightly dripping off the edge of the hamburger. You also see the lettuce and those delicious looking onions to top it off. Everything about this hamburger is screaming “Eat me!” As your eyes move along to the bottom of the page, you have in gray lettering again, “Steak N Shake” and the places they are located. The gray lettering is what makes the dark background pop out more, it’s a contrast fixture. You notice the lettering because of the advertisement is very dark and dim to begin with, the gray pops out. Although, those eyes of yours tend to keep gazing back at the hamburger, because it looks so delicious. At least that’s what mine kept doing when I was looking at the advertisement. This is the most seductive looking advertisement I’ve seen, for a piece of food. This is the definition of what people consider food porn. The way it is positioned, it looks like a half-naked raunchy advertisement, except a normal raunchy advertisement would have a male or a female with the product. They would assumingly
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