Advertisements Are Reflective Of Culture

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Advertisements are reflective of culture. Therefore understanding them is crucial to understanding culture. Advertisements not only are trying to sell products but words and images to manipulate the public. Stuart Hirschberg informatively states “[the] intent of all advertising is to persuade specific audiences” (Hirschberg, p. 291). In the Spring 2017 Calvin Klein advertisement, the company uses the Aristotelian elements “pathos,” “logos,” and “ethos,” and rhetorical strategies by Stuart Hirschberg and William Lutz to drive to now only buy their clothing, but that the purchase of Calvin Klein clothes will lead to a happier life. In the clothing giant’s advertisement there is a couple, a man and a women standing on the one-third from…show more content…
The use of openness operates as a link to the company seeming ‘open:’ open to diversity, gay rights, transgender rights, etc. The viewer also gets pulled back into time by the use of Andy Warhol’s piece and the sight of Elvis. Using Elvis effectively appeals to the history technique of “the need to belong takes a subtler form of offering the product as a way to become part of a time in the past the audience might look back to with nostalgia” (Hirschberg, p. 294). The picture of Elvis shows him in a button down shirt and jeans, something that goes along with what the models are wearing. Viewers then subconsciously put together that if Elvis is wearing Calvin Klein then therefore they should too. Not only does using the artwork appeal to history but also it transfers Andy Warhol and Elvis into the clothing. This advertisement is not alone in using the transfer technique. Stuart Hirschberg describes this phenomenon as:
The single most important technique for creating this image depends on transferring ideas, attributes or feelings from outside the product onto the product itself. In this way the product comes to represent an obtainable object or service that embodies, represents, or symbolizes a whole range of meanings. (Hirschberg, p. 292)

By transferring Andy Warhol’s art into the clothing it seems like he is endorsing the clothing. Therefore everything Andy Warhol represents being a pioneer and a visionary, gets cast into Calvin

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