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Advertisements Advertisements are everywhere. Whether it is a magazine, billboard, television or radio, ads attempt to catch people’s eyes from all over. An advertisement uses many different aspects in order to entice its possible consumers. In a commercial for Thermasilk hair products, the product craved attention; therefore the advertiser used a popular song to hook the viewers. The ad continues on with its temptations to reel in consumers by expressing a well-known desire of many women: to have the perfect head of hair. Today, not many people are satisfied with what they have, therefore they strive for what they do not already obtain. The ad pledges to viewers that by using Thermasilk products, they must not just “Blow DRY” their…show more content…
The ad continues to interest viewers by using emotional appeals as an additional method to impact the audience. Women have persistently progressed in the business world and have attempted, over the years, to move away from the sexist views against women. Someone’s looks enhance someone’s image and still play an important role in determining how someone is viewed. This Thermasilk advertisement subtly enforces a woman’s responsibility to look good and care about her looks. Fowels believes that people crave the need for attention. He expresses that humans have “[t]he desire to exhibit ourselves in such a way to make others look at us…” and advertisements play off of that natural human feeling. Appearances in the career world enhance status and underneath the commercial’s obvious façade, its efforts are aimed at beauty. It is the subtleness of the point of the advertisement that continues to captivate the viewer. The ad appeals to a woman wanting to increase the beauty of her hair in order to help her image, solely to impress others and gain recognition. In addition to someone’s image being an important aspect in the world today, people yearn to feel a sense of importance. Along with importance comes respect. Fowels claims that people “enjoy prestige and high social status,” whether it is in the business world or not. Everyone longs for the respect of
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