Advertisements For The Deutsche Post Dhl Logistics Services

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Both Figures 1 and 2 are advertisements for the Deutsche Post DHL logistics company that provides domestic and international delivery services. However, Figure 1 is more specifically designed for DHL Express, a division of DHL that provides express delivery services. The purpose of both advertisements is to promote the quality and efficiency of the DHL logistics services. Figure 1 is precisely targeted at customers who require time-critical delivery services, whereas Figure 2 is targeted at anyone who demands logistics services in general. Both advertisements are in the form of print media with minimal use of language. Similar techniques including the use of slogans and colour are employed in both advertisements to convey their message effectively. Both advertisements are targeted at individuals and businesses that require delivery services. Figure 1 is particularly aimed at potential customers who need priority express delivery services such as time and day definite services. This is conveyed through the logo, “DHL Express”, which identifies the specific segment of the company. On the other hand, the target audience for Figure 2 is generally any potential individual or business with occasional or regular delivery needs. This advertisement focuses on promoting DHL’s prime quality of time-efficient delivery using a short and clear-cut slogan, “Always first.” Although the logo for Figure 1 is slightly different from the second one, both advertisements use logos and slogans

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