Advertisement’s Inclusiveness of Homosexuals Essay

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Advertisement’s Inclusiveness of Homosexuals

Are homosexuals really the same as heterosexuals genetically? In other words, is the gay community what we perceive to be “normal” or is it different? The truth is that there is no evidence that homosexuality is due to a genetic mutation; therefore, we are all, as human beings, the same. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t seem to comprehend that concept of oneness. This is why the Gay-Rights movement is so arduously working to spread knowledge in order to achieve equality. Luckily, major industries such as advertisement have joined this challenge as well. There is indeed a large number of major companies incorporating gay and lesbian themes in their ads in order to aid the Gay-Rights
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The clothing industry has also demonstrated its support for gay-rights through advertisement in the several years. One of these advocates is Abercrombie and Fitch. This company has launched several ads that clearly show its position in the Gay-Rights movement. Indeed, most of the ads have been very controversial and are criticized often. For instance, Abercrombie and Fitch’s quarterly magazine contained an ad in which two young were sitting very closely together on a couch. One of them is sitting upright on the couch while the other is leaning his head on the first. The second guy isn’t wearing a shirt as if to confirm that they are homosexual in case it was not clear enough. Also, both men are filled with great happiness that is communicated to the public by their joyous smiles. Unlike the two previously discussed ads, this one is aimed towards the gay community itself instead of the non-gay community. In other words, the two former ads were attempting to change the public’s opinion about homosexuality. However, this ad’s purpose is not to convince but to lift the spirit of the gay community. These two happy, gay men are attempting to convey to the gay community that they should be comfortable with themselves and be happy with who they are. These two men don’t seem to feel as if they have to suppress their sexuality and Abercrombie and Fitch would like to

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