Advertisements Sell Products, But Is That All They Do?

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Kelly M. Baumgartner
Professor Dan Darling
ENGC 1101
7 April 2015 Advertisements Sell Products, But Is That All They Do?

Does the vast amount of media that we filter through our eyes daily effect how we view ourselves? If so, do they accurately portray who we are as humans? As a society, can the amount of advertisements we view daily be a healthy consumption, or seriously harmful? Or are we passively allowing the media to dictate how we think and feel about literally everything that surrounds us, but also more importantly, ourselves? In Lee Monk’s poem “Under Water,” he writes “The world would be a better place if girls weren’t pushed from the womb and fed, tabloids, diets, (and) shame.” Boys and girls today are growing up in a generation of photoshopped and airbrushed images of women that are filtered in through their brains as normal from billboards, television, tabloids, and the internet. These sources are encouraging the altered images as glamorous and ideal, leaving advertisements to teach girls and women that the ideal of their gender is to obtain an unrealistic body image, while at the same time, subtly, or not so subtly devaluing and dehumanizing the female body. With the constant media pressure that surrounds girls and women, females are left with a very narrow definition of what beauty appears to be. This also causes most men to define women by their bodies, and to view females as sexual objects rather than humans.
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