Advertisements and Their Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Advertising is a subset of marketing, a form of communication intended to persuade people to purchase or take any action with respect to the products or the services. In today's world, firms don't hold back in spending millions of dollars on advertising and marketing. The obvious reason being that the competition is very high and every firm wants to sell its product and make it a brand. Effective advertising techniques used in advertisements make a world of difference in sales prospects of a product. Advertising effectiveness is measured by the role the advertisement has played in making the product a real success and how well it has connected with the customers. For print media it is very important to see how well it is doing in
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Effective advertising campaigns are a key to ensure that the product is launched in market at the right time and garners maximum sales. It is the hallmark of every successful advertising campaign that it's coupled with creativity and lots of thought behind it. The winners in choosing effective advertising techniques are the ad makers who never underestimate the power of consumer intelligence. If an ad can emotionally appeal to an audience, it certainly has the potential to attract more attention from consumers and they may be eventually compelled to buy it. How does a consumer react to an advertisement to the way a company depicts its image and thus lending a monotony in the buying pattern and retention is what is important at the end of the day and the success of the advertisement is the main idea. The impact of the activities by the company which makes the frame for the buying spree of the consumer is the idea behind this research paper.


Generally, advertising is a relatively low-cost method of conveying selling messages ton numerous prospective customers. It can secure leads for salesmen and middlemen by convincing readers to request more information and by identifying outlets handling the product. It can force middlemen to stock the product by building consumer interest. It can help train dealers salesmen in product uses and applications. It can build dealer and consumer
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