Advertisements and its Relation to Societies and Cultures Essay

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Wherever a person goes; from any high class area in a city to a village in any underdeveloped country; one will be heavily surrounded by big billboards with advertisements. If one were to ride in an elevator they may find advertisements on the walls. While playing minigolf, one may bend down to pick up the ball from the hole and will see a brand name written on the golf ball and another written on the grass and one may even be in the hole (The Persuaders.PBS. Whether a person wants or not one is always at the whims of the advertisers. One can walk around blindfolded, but yet the things that they may hear on the radio, for example, are somehow affecting their willingness to buy certain products. Virtually an entire nation has surrendered…show more content…
Thus, as the purchasing power of the younger generation has increased, advertisers try and target them in commercials. Many of the beer commercials contain footage of young people partying and having fun while drinking that certain brand of beer. Music that is popular amongst the younger generation is played in the background. Moreover, a commercial promoting a laptop, would have the younger generation being featured more compared to an elder person as children are more prone to ‘catch on’ than their parents these days. Normally, when one is watching television, he or she may switch the channel if any commercial or advertise comes. Thus the advertisers try and portray their idea of the product and their feelings in such a way that the viewers can hold their nerves for those thirty seconds which have cost the brand millions of dollars. Advertisers try to promote their products during shows that have high ratings, usually during the time period known as “prime time.” This is the time from 7 o clock to 9 o clock. At these times people are less likely to change the channel during an advertisement because of the fear they might miss their favorite show. Advertisers use open ended statements which may seem to make a certain promise but really aren’t saying anything; as Jean Kilbroune says “we are surrounded by advertisements that yokes our needs with products and promises us that things will deliver what in fact they never can”. A laundry
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