Essay on Advertisements in the Media

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Advertisements in the Media Advertisements are used everywhere, and they are very important to every company or product we own. They are the very method of selling everything, although not all adverts are the same. They differ depending on their target audience. Target audience splits up into three categories: social class, age and gender, although religions, the political party which people support, and also peoples other general interests also play a large part in advertisements. So depending on which social class, age group etc you fit into you will be attracted to different adverts. So the use of language, design features and the use of different visuals are vital as are the layout and…show more content…
This advert tries to make it seem personal, as though it is speaking to the person who is reading it in particular. This is backed up with statements such as "when you're" and "when you've" make the reader feel quite personally involved. Especially the word "you because this means it are almost directed at the reader. The fashion of using informal language does not carry on in the Forever Young advertisement. The language in this advert is a lot more formal and very factual. It gives a history about the holiday site and background information. This shows that this advert is probably for slightly older people who are interested in the history of buildings, and they probably wouldn't enjoy reading about the night Clubs etc which are talked about in the Club 18-30 advert. In all three adverts headings are included, each time only the word "Majorca", so the headings in these adverts don't really change to suit different people. With the Club 18-30 advert, there is very little copy, yet it is still broken up using sub-headings. They are quite big and chunky allowing the reader to skim-read to the part of the advert they want to read about. With Super Family the sub-headings are only used to break up different parts on the information and not so much as a presentational devise. In Forever Young sub-headings are used again to
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