Advertisements that Glorify Violence Against Women

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Advertisers have countless subtle ways of presenting advertisements to sell products, but a lot of these advertisements may go way beyond the selling of products. Advertisements with regard to violent sexual scenes against women may actually be sending subliminal messages that violence is okay. Looking at these advertisements, it is not hard to see that there is a deeper meaning behind them than to just sell a product. With Sexual and violent Advertisements we may even be able to make the statement that rape, sexual assault and violence is alive and thriving in our society. Americans along with Europeans are being desensitized by the vast amount of violent advertisements. Advertisements that convey startling portrayals of women being…show more content…
Unfortunately, a few angry viewers will not stop advertisers from using violent advertisements to sell their products. In this next advertisement the viewer is shown the aftermath of what looks to be a woman who was assaulted. A Victim of beauty shows a shocking glamorization of domestic abuse that was shown in a Bulgarian magazine 12. The magazine sells clothing from H&M, Label and Capasca. This startling image shows a woman in a red top with red lips, her hair and makeup done to perfection while sporting a single black eye. Have advertisers in our society really lowered its values to the emotional sadness of seeing victims of abuse just to sell clothing? The lower caption in the ad translates from Bulgarian to, “Recommended Parental Controls: pictures are not recommended for persons under 16 years. And for the faint hearted” ( ).This seems to challenge the notion that only viewer who are too young to understand or people with heart problems will be affected by viewing this image. Controversially, all people with a heart should be disturbed by this image. Was the intention of the magazine to glamorize domestic violence or was it that being beautiful is painful? Either way, seeing a black eye on a woman shows the obvious after effect of violence that can invoke rage, fear and empathy in all people. The color red that is usually seen as a powerful color, no longer exudes a strong and
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