Advertisemet Analysis of Johnson Baby Powder

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Report on 2013 Advertisement analysis of Johnson’s baby powder Related organization: Johnson & Johnson The report contains analysis of advertisement campaign of Johnson’s baby powder product line. Submitted to: Mr. Abhinav Nigam Assist. Professor Banasthali University Submitted by: Versha Gupta MBA 2nd Year Banasthali University Banasthali university Acknowledgement Many of the ideas that lead me to design and develop the first objective of the project “Advertisement Analysis Of Johnson Baby Soap” and the second objective “To know about the brand” resulted from a distillation of the experience and opinions of many people. It would be prudent to commence this report with a sincere tribute to all those…show more content…
Patrick Whaley and in 1948, started marketing Johnson’s Baby Powder which was manufactured by a local company, British Drug House, in Mumbai. In September 1957, a new company - Johnson & Johnson Limited was created and registered with 12 employees on its roll. The company was licensed to manufacture a broad range of consumer and hospital products. Production began in 1959 from the earliest Johnson & Johnson plant in Mulund in Mumbai. Mr. Whaley became the first MD of the company and served for 14 years. The company prospered under his able leadership. In the years that followed, Johnson & Johnson Limited established a reputation for quality with a range of products that represented virtually every sector of the company’s business internationally. The 60s was a decade of manufacturing growth. The first Ethicon plant was set up in Dharavi in Mumbai to manufacture Catgut sutures. In 1966, the Bhandup plant in Mumbai was set up to manufacture feminine hygiene products. The Ortho Diagnostics’ manufacturing unit was set up in 1970 and shifted to Deonar in Mumbai. In 1975, Ethnor Limited (merged with Johnson & Johnson in 1994). Set up a plant for manufacturing pharmaceutical and ethical products of Ortho-McNeil Laboratories and Cilag Chemie. A second manufacturing plant for personal products started in Bhandup in Mumbai. The state-of-the-art Ethicon plant in Aurangabad became operational in 1991. The latest addition to the family is the

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