“Advertising - A Judicious Mixture Of Flattery And Threats.”

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“Advertising - A judicious mixture of flattery and threats.” Stephen Leacock Considering advertisements as a type of connection used by marketers to make their product known by the public, it is admitted that advertising corporations prey anyone and every age group without any regard to the possible negative effects of their work as long as it pays off. However, when these ads and advertisements target children, they become overwhelming and harmful not only for them and their families, as individuals, but for the society as well. As a consequence of knowing every personal detail of our lives, Marketers learn how to convert them into profit. Convincing us to become their customers is a priority since Selling, buying, and making good deals…show more content…
Schlosser is not judging the actions of these companies; however, he relies on the usage of logos to prove his point and persuade his audience without actually providing his opinion. The terrifying truth about the negative impact of these ads on children, who are supposed to be attracted by interesting activities that collaborate to their growth and development made the author defending them since it is alarming to realize that, ’’the typical American child now spends about twenty –one hours a week watching television –roughly one and a half months of TV every year’’ (Schlosser 357). Schlosser gives more details about the bitter reality of the kids of this century who are unfortunately preyed by many advertising corporations and ads companies. In addition to logos, the author appeals to pathos to evoke his audience’s emotional feeling as all the facts are about children which works well with his purpose. To convince the audience of how important it is not involving children in marketing, the author uses a vivid description of many situations where kids show the uncooperative effects of these lucrative corporations on them. It is worth to note that, his description makes it easy for the reader to visualize the scenes where children are showing the hidden information absorbed before whether from their casual sitting in front of a TV, reading them online, or just by applying the rules of

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