Advertising : Advertising And Its Influence Of Advertising

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A customer should know whenever they see an ad in the daily paper, or on television that it could possibly be false advertising. Companies use these advertisements to catch the eye of the viewer and make them interested in their product, such as, claiming they will receive a prize for interacting with their product so much.

Companies like Pepsi, and Coca-Cola have obligations to promote their product in the most effective way such as commercial ads, or through social media. People who watch television know that when they see a commercial for something like a certain food, a drink, or even a toy they get the sense that they should have it, or they get hungry or thirsty. Companies even insert catchy jingles to catch the viewers eye, such as McDonalds famous saying, “I’m lovin’ it,” or Red Robins famous saying, “Yum.” Some companies offer prizes, such as McDonalds with their monopoly game, and in such cases giving away a “free” car.

People are skeptical about if they will receive something if they participate. The obligation that companies have to promote their product are sometimes very successful and their customers enjoy participating in the promotion of their product, and there are other companies who are not so successful and their customers voluntarily do not participate in their promotion, either because they have previously participated and the company did not meet their expectations or simply because they do not like participating in such things. There are also

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