Advertising Against Draftkings And One Issue Against Fanduel

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For me when I watch sports (which is almost on a daily biases) it doesn’t take very long to see an advertisement for a fantasy gambling website such as and Both of these companies have had issues recently with their advertising. Recently there have been two issues of false advertising against Draftkings and one issue against FanDuel. The first issue of false advertising against Draftkings actually came from FanDuel. On March 13th an article was published by FORBES detailing how FanDuel’s lawyers were preparing a letter to send to Draftkings explaining how they thought that the advertisements were not legal and why they should be taken down. If they refused FanDuel would begin filing a lawsuit. The issue resided in Draftkings advertising that they were Draftkings claiming they had the “largest weekly cash pools,” and claiming to be “the #1 destination for daily fantasy sports on the internet,” while FanDuel believed that they had the numbers to prove that Draftkings was wrong (Major Storm). Due to the issues that FanDuel raised Draftkings was forced to change the way they marketed. Draftkings resolved the issues before FanDuel took them to court. They no longer claim to have the largest prize pool, simply because the amount of the prize pools changed everyday and it was to difficult for the company to keep up if they were actually the largest any given day. They have changes their slogan from claiming to be the #1 destination as well. Now if you

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